Lost Civil War: The Disappearing Legacy of America’s Greatest Conflict

A historic travelogue through Civil War sites that includes insightful information and rare photographs of the many locations that have been destroyed and lost over the centuries. 

This unique guide to lost Civil War heritage features a wide range of sites, arranged thematically and illustrated with original photographs throughout.

Featured locations include:
Encampments: Over-wintering camps and winter quarters were widely photographed.
Historic buildings: Many of the original buildings were destroyed and have been rebuilt. These include the McLean House in Appomattox and the Ford Theatre in Washington DC, with many others completely destroyed.
Prisons: Those featured included Libby Prison, which was dismantled and the bricks shipped to Chicago for the Exhibition; Andersonville Prison and Capitol Prison in Washington DC, and Castle Pinckney in Charleston Harbor.
Cycloramas: There was such an interest in seeing re-enactments of the Civil War that many cycloramas were built especially to show re-runs of Gettysburg.

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